New Titles Coming to Amazon Luna to Help Build User Base

In June, the Luna+ channel will add games like Yakuza O and The Falconeer. This is in addition to the games that the channel has added in May.

Luna is one of several similar services out in the world today for multiple platforms. Luna allows users to sign up and play games instantly, without needing to download or update games. Games on Luna are generally made for gaming PCs, meaning they’d normally require the user to download and play on a high-powered desktop computer. With Luna, users are able to play games on their mobile device or on a laptop screen – courtesy of the internet.

First up to tell you about is The Falconeer, a game by Tomas Sala and Wired Productions. In The Falconeer, the player takes on the role of a bird in an open world environment..

Killer Queen Black, developed by Liquid Bit and BumbleBear Games is another game coming to the Luna platform next month. The game is a homage to the old arcade game Killer Queen,. It includes pixel graphics and side-scrolling action and a special KQBTV feature allows users to “watch matches and learn from the pros.”

Also to be adfded to Luna+ next month is the game Yakuza O. This is an age restricted game which means you need to be over 17 years old to play it. Yakuza O, as the title suggests, takes place in Japan in the late 1980’s underworld. It has a “richly detailed, neon-lit world” where you will be fighting, killing, and getting immersed in the Japanese underworld.’s new gaming service, Amazon Luna, is currently in a sort of early access situation through Amazon. There’s a $5.99 (per month) price for the early access system – then the price will be different after said Early Access period is over. There’s also a Ubisoft+ channel beta in the service that’ll cost you around $14.99 per month.

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