Xbox Cloud Gaming Subscriptions expanded through Microsoft and Bango

Bango, the data-driven commerce global platform, is the technology company enabling Telecom companies across europe to offer bundled Xbox cloud gaming subscriptions. This is the result of the deepening of the partnership between Bango and Microsoft, first announced in late 2020. The aim is to open-up Xbox subscriptions to consumers through Telco partners.

At the time the importance of this move for Xbox cloud gaming was stressed:

“This is a significant milestone for us in a number of ways,” said Andrew Fisher, Bango’s CEO. “Our partnership with Microsoft is clearly delivering on our vision of a truly connected world. It is no longer just a vision but a tangible reality that will bring significant benefits to Bango and Microsoft’s customers alike.”

“We are pleased to be able to offer Xbox subscriptions to our customers across Europe as part of our ongoing partnership with Bango,” said Chris Lewis, Corporate Vice President, Partner Group, Microsoft. “Bango’s technology will enable us to bring new payment models to our customers in Europe. This is a great example of how we are working with our partners to deliver new opportunities to our customers.”

The newly enabled partnerships with Telco partners across Europe will enable consumers to secure a one-off Xbox subscription using Bango’s eSIM technology. The eSIM enables the consumer to take their existing device to any network of their choice and get a Microsoft account.

Once an eSIM is activated, consumers can buy a one-off Xbox subscription from their network operator and then, via their Microsoft account, purchase Xbox games and download them directly onto their device. This enables the consumer to access Xbox games without having to make any changes to their existing device – whether it is a smartphone, tablet or laptop. The Microsoft account also enables consumers to have access to any other Microsoft services, such as Office 365 and Skype.

“Our partnership with Microsoft has enabled us to bring eSIM technology to consumers across Europe. We believe this is the first time eSIM technology has been used to purchase a streaming service. We are thrilled that our collaboration has resulted in the first global partner to offer this important service to their customers,” said Dr. Nick Jones, Bango’s CTO.

Partnership Extended

Microsoft is leveraging the Bango Platform to enable Telco partners to bundle Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and – later in the year – Xbox All Access as subscription packages. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate gives gamers access to over 100 high-quality games on console, PC and compatible mobile devices for one low, monthly price.

Gaming has become one of the most desirable entertainment categories with consumers. In the UK, the digital games market was worth more than the entire video market and twice as much as the music market in 2020, (Entertainment Retailers Association). 5G connectivity has helped unleash the full potential of cloud-based gaming platforms such as Xbox, letting gamers play highly sophisticated games on any device, while on the go.

About Bango

Bango is a global leader in enabling connected devices to receive content over the internet. The company’s technology powers the world’s first eSIMs and has been adopted by some of the world’s largest mobile operators.

Bango has developed unique purchase behavior technology that enables millions more users to buy the products and services they want, using innovative methods of payment including carrier billing, digital wallets and subscription bundling. Bango harnesses this purchase activity into valuable marketing segments, called Bango Audiences. Merchants use these audiences to target their marketing at paying customers based on their purchase behavior. Better targeting increases spend through the Bango payments business, in turn generating more data insights, creating a powerful virtuous circle that drives continuous growth. Everyone connected to the Bango Platform thrives as the virtuous circle grows.

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