Local Government Taking a More Wide-Ranging Approach to Cloud Services

Local Government Taking a More Wide-Ranging Approach to Cloud Services

Over the past 18 months, local governments across the U.S. have experienced a roller coaster ride of fluctuating revenues and cash flow. The combination of the American Recovery Act and the COVID-19 tax cuts has brought many cities and towns back to pre-recession levels.

As the economy weakened, many governments started to look for ways to reduce expenses. They also started offering flexible work arrangements and safe workspaces for their employees.

The bad news is that these investments may have been a waste of time and money. Instead, they could have been a good starting point for a more digital transformation of local governments.

Building on the success of the migration to the cloud, more governments are realizing the significant advantages it can bring to their citizens. For instance, by migrating core applications such as banking to the cloud, they can provide better services and security.

Cloud Makes “Smart Cities” Possible

The McKinsey study shows that cities can improve public safety and crime fighting through digital solutions.

The sheer volume of data that a city can collect is a challenge to provide a seamless experience for its constituents.

The rise of cloud computing has made it possible for many local governments to get high-performance computing without the need for large capital expenditures. By using cloud-based tools, cities can get better insights into their infrastructure and improve decision-making processes.

Cloud Gives Secure, Compliant Solutions

Cloud-based solutions help local governments improve their security posture and reduce their compliance burden.

Modernizing core applications and infrastructure can help organizations improve their identity management strategies by simplifying the management of multifactor authentication and federated secure sign-on.

Local Governments Will Be Able to Use The Latest Technology

Cloud-based services can help local governments improve their efficiency and provide better services to their residents. They can do so by identifying areas of weakness and implementing strategies that can improve their effectiveness.

The cloud can help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of local government. It is time to move to a more robust technology platform that can support all levels of government.

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