Nintendo Hits Back at Xbox Game Pass

It doesn’t like it, it doesn’t like it at all. Nintendo has seemed to quash the idea that the new Xbox Game Pass that would enable Nintendo Switch users to play Xbox games!

Since early 2020, the rumor mill has been in full swing about Nintendo allowing  Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to be used on the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite, and now it’s time to say goodbye to those dreams. Fans and also analysts think it will profit everyone, and also when checked out with new details, it appears that this will never happen.

Nintendo is obviously not thinking about permitting Xbox Cloud Gaming on the Switch. Astris Advisory Japan KK David Gibson, who regularly participates in exclusive Nintendo’s private meetings and also discussions with investors, stated on Twitter the other day that Nintendo had actually verified to him that they would certainly not permit various other streaming solutions on their portable console. Gibson exposed as a lot when replying to a tweet discussing the possibility of Xbox Cloud coming to the pair of Nintendo gaming consoles.

It would appear that for now, the hope of playing Xbox video games on the Nintendo Switch will stay simply an aspiration, but in gaming things can change and eventually, if the Xbox Game Pass ends up being a real juggernaut pressure to incorporate might be too much. Microsoft is on a journey to bring Xbox video games to the 3 billion players worldwide, and also Android, Windows, as well as iOS desktops and mobile devices are probably simply the start.

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