Google Opens New $2 Billion Data Center in Poland

Google ushered in a new era in Polish technology industry with the opening of its new $2 billion cloud data center in Warsaw.

The new data center is the first by the United States tech titan in Central and also Eastern Europe.

Google first broke news of plans for the Warsaw cloud center back in 2019, when it entered into collaboration with Poland’s domestic cloud carrier Chmura Krajowa with the Polish government saying at the time that it expected Google to spend somewhere between $1.5 billion and $2 billion in the project, although exact spend hasn’t been disclosed.

The country’s Prime Minister, Mateusz Morawiecki, praised the new cloud data center claiming it would make certain of “far better service from personal as well as public entities” as well as enhanced security due to the fact that the information would be kept in Poland.

From his side, Google Cloud’s country supervisor Magdalena Dziewguc, stated, “we wish that the brand-new Google Cloud area will certainly … aid in healing from the pandemic as well as will certainly contribute to a flourishing digital economy in Poland and also boardering countries.”

United States consular office charge d’affaires Bix Aliu, was keen to highlight the close co=operation between US firms and Poland stating that United States companies have actually invested upward of $6o billion in Poland not counting what Google has just spent

Poland looking toward the tech sector

Last year, Poland’s economy entered into recession for the first time since their escape from communism 30 years previously, as a result of the Covid crisis. However it is anticipated to jump back this year.

The federal government has put a focus on creating the tech sector as a way to boost the economy.

Microsoft revealed last year that it would invest one billion dollars in Poland to increase its operations, including the development of a new local cloud-computing data center.

Last December, Google said it prepared to add a 2nd cloud region in Germany, along with two others in Saudi Arabia as well as Chile.

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