Will Teachers Be Replaced With AI?

Is It Possible That Teachers Be Replaced With AI

It is hard to imagine a world without teachers. But it is possible that AI will replace them in the future. Researchers from Stanford University and the University of California, Berkeley are working on artificial intelligence that will become a substitute for human teachers.

They are developing a program that will help students learn by themselves, without the involvement of a teacher. The program will be able to read the text in order to understand it, and later explain it to students.

The program will be able to help students better understand the subject by explaining it in simple words. It will be able to detect the level of understanding of a student, and adjust the level of difficulty to meet the needs of the student.

The AI will also be able to learn by itself. It will be able to analyze the weaknesses and strengths of a student, and will be able to adapt the level of difficulty to the specific needs of a student.

This AI will be able to work with any student who wants to learn, and even the students who live in places where there is no teacher. The AI will become a part of the Internet, and will be able to work with students from all over the world.

Will AI Become The Best Teachers?

The AI that will be able to replace teachers will be more effective than teachers. It will be able to adapt to the needs of a student, and will be able to give lessons at any time and at any level of difficulty.

The AI will be able to replace teachers in the next 10 years. The technology behind the AI is already in the development stage. Several companies are working on it. The AI will be able to teach students from all over the world.

Students will be able to learn at any time and at any location. The AI will be more personal than the teachers. It will be able to read the needs of a student, and will be able to adjust the level of difficulty on the basis of the needs of the student.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) has managed to touch every part of our life. It can be considered as the technology of the future. Even within the academics field, AI has managed to automate existing systems. Today everyone is aware of Digital classrooms. 

  • Students do make use of digital classrooms for learning
  • AI has also managed to simplify the learning process to a greater extent
  • Everything from conducting exams to evaluating them can be performed by AI

It may not be wrong to predict that AI can be considered the best learning platform for future generations. AI is all about technology, development and implementations. But the question is that can AI be used to replace the existing workforce of teachers?

To better understand this, you have to get familiar with AI and the benefits future generations can get from it. But with benefits and technology, there may also be certain limitations that you need to understand.

Digitalization of classrooms

Digitalization of classrooms AI

The digital classroom, in the present time, is not a new technology. For over the past few years, students have been making use of the online education system you will easily come across software that is used for educational purpose.

The software is adaptive. Present time software is designed to improve the content presentation skills of the students. Apart from this, students are also benefiting from smart assessment programs including SBAC and MAP.

This is something you are already aware of and using today. The software system mainly depends on the huge collection of database that is already fed into the server location. Whatever the students want to search is directly exacted most accurately.

How AI can make a difference?

What AI presently doe is that it focuses on keywords and search results and compares them based on this, it will extract the information from the database stored. It will then present it to the students on the digital classroom platforms.

So if the database is not present, then it may not be able to present any search results to the students. This is one of the main drawbacks of using AI presently. But the future is not predictable as far as AI use is concerned.

You need to keep in mind that the technology only keeps getting smarter with time. Using the technology, the classrooms of the future can be highly interactive as well. BY Implementing AI, classrooms of the future can be smarter and interactive.

This is only possible if an endless set of database and knowledge has already been stored in the computer server. But for students, is this still more helpful as compared to a real-world teacher? You may never know of it yet.

Limitations AI might face

Although AI is considered a smart technology, still it may have its limitations in many ways. There may still be several tasks that AI might not be able to perform. You never have to forget that the human brain is a complex system of billions of neuron cells.

These cells may respond differently in different situations. This is important for student’s development. Neurons are made to reach instantly depending on the actions made. AI technology can only be programmed to perform the same repetitive actions every time

So if a situation comes up where actions are not predictable, AI may not be programmed to respond. AI does not develop from the learning process and emulating process. But the human mind is designed to learn and develop from learning and emulating processes.

How does a teacher make a difference?

A teacher is a live human being. He is the master of his subject. He possesses skills and knowledge that helps the students to polish their learning skills. Different approaches are generally used by teachers to teach the same topic to different students.

This is where the AI might fall back when being compared with a teacher. AI is a technology and not the master of the subject. It can perform actions only based on the information it is provided. A teacher’s skills are still unique as compared to any other human being.

A teacher can be an inspiring model for his students but AI can never be an inspiration in any way for the students.

Then what can we expect from the future?

Are we concerned here about replacing the teaching workforce with robotic teachers of tomorrow? What will happen to the teachers? What role will they have to play in the classrooms of the future? For a while, it may not be wrong to assume that the chalkboards will be replaced by giant monitor screens in the future.

It is possible to replace chalkboards and whiteboards with giant screens. But is it also possible to replace the human mind with robotic technology?

This certainly is never possible. The human mind is a unique creation. The teachers can be assisted by AI technology in classrooms. But it certainly may never be possible to replace them completely.


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