Now You Can Talk to Albert Einstein with the Power of A.I.

A collaboration between Aflorithmic, audio content company and UneeQ, a firm specializing in the creation of digital people, have just developed and released the “Digital Einstein Experience”. In what is essentially a chat bot based on Albert Einstein, you can enter into a dialogue with the great man! You can use either text, voice or various pre-set choices to conduct your chat.

How it Works

Using UneeQ’s “top-notch character rendering for the real looking appears and a complicated computational data engine as a mind to carry Einstein again to life.” The results are truly impressive with an incredibly lifelike digital rendering.

Don’t however expect too much authenticity with regards to the precise sound of his voice. The poor quality of the old recordings the engineering team have found it difficult to capture a precise ‘frame of reference’ as to how his voice sounded. But efforts have been made to get as close as possible.

This new rendition of Einstein’s voice has the Physicist still talking with a German accent with an added sense of dry wit as well as a friendliness to reflect that of his real-life equivalent. In fact, scientists also offered this AI the ability to talk as if contemplating his very own knowledge when connecting with users.

Chat Bot Speed

One of the biggest challenges faced by the developers was reaction speed.T het wanted teir Digital Einstein to react swiftly to user inquiries, comparable to a customer service chat bot or personal assistant. To accomplish this, they produced a real-time turnaround for input text using the computational understanding engine of Aflorithmic’s API. This allowed the team to decrease the Einstein bot’s action time from 12 seconds to less than 3 seconds.

You can try the chat bot out yourself here. On testing it performs well and is an interesting and worthwhile experience.

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