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Snowflake Collaborates with C3 AI to Bring AI Dev Tools to its Users

C3 AI and Snowflake have collaborated to provide Snowflake users access to C3’s AI’s development tools and enterprise applications. This will include tools such as AI-driven CRM, supply network optimization, predictive maintenance, and their fraud detection apps.

Designed as the way to “deliver next-generation enterprise AI applications at scale,” the collaboration will integrate C3 AI’s suite of Integrated Development Studio (IDS) tools. This will include C3 AI ML Studio, C3 AI Data Studio, C3 AI DevSecOps Studio, C3 AI App Studio, and C3 AI Marketplace which will now all be available to Snowflake users.

Wider access

Using Snowflake’s cloud-based warehousing services, customers will have access to C3 AI’s suite of apps that use C3 AI’s model-driven architecture. Services provided by the apps include data archival, batch and stream processing, time-series normalization, auto-scaling, data encryption, attribute and role-based access control, and AI/ML services.

Christian Kleinerman senior vice president says that:

“The C3 AI Suite and C3 AI’s prebuilt enterprise-grade models significantly speed and simplify the development of enterprise AI applications. As our customers deploy enterprise AI applications at scale, integration with C3 AI to Snowpark will accelerate the development and deployment of complex AI and machine learning use cases,”

Snowpark is Snowflake’s developer tool that allows for the integration of DataFrame style programming with Scala to code with their Snowflake platform. The computing company introduced the new UI on Tuesday at the annual developer conference. Made specifically for writing complex data pipelines, Snowpark was designed with simplicity in mind.


C3 AI, who are based in Redwood City, California, develops software for the various industries. Snowflake collaboration takes data storage and analytics and allows them on different platforms like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.

In his statement at the announcement of the collaboration Houman Behzad, C3 AI president and chief product officer said:

“This partnership will create significant time and operational efficiencies for Snowflake’s customers and solidify Snowflake as the operational data platform of choice for enterprise AI applications,”

Snowflake users will soon be able be able to have C3 AI applications “up and running at scale” in as less than a month.

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