Phone Mounts are Xbox Cloud Gaming Ready

…Microsoft’s ambitious cloud gaming platform has drawn some big names like OtterBox, a renowned manufacturer of hard-wearing mobile accessories. The brand company debuted an extensive lineup of official Xbox mobile gear earlier in 2021, including one of the best mobile gaming clips on the market. The OtterBox Gaming Clip packs what you’d expect, plus some added frills. It works with standard Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S controllers and the Xbox Elite Controller Series 2.

What makes OtterBox’s phone clip distinctive isn’t immediately apparent, clamping around the controller with a telescopic grip that fits most modern smartphones. The “rapid-adjust” system allows you to quickly tweak the angle of your device with an integrated level that trumps fiddly hand screws. The whole unit also splits in half, transforming the clip into a well-balanced tabletop stand.

But the OtterBox clip shines with the details, including various considerations to improve gaming with this peripheral. It factors in all aspects of Xbox controllers, without obstructing buttons and sticks, and easy access to the rear-facing USB port. The phone clamp also has an unusual three-pronged design, preventing the clip from accidentally mashing side-mounted power or volume buttons.

The OtterBox gaming clip comes in at $30, which while still affordable, comes out above most alternatives right now. But it’s easily the best phone clip for Xbox controllers right now, both robust and packed with functions while folding flat for added portability. It also plays well with other accessories, like controller shells and carrying cases, from the OtterBox Xbox range.

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