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Verizon and AT&T Battle for 5G Supremacy

This week Verizon stepped up its bid to dominate the new 5G landscape by announcing it business division had expanded it fixed wireless connectivity package to a further 21 cities.

Verizon have recently conducted a study together with Morning Consult. The study looked into the approaching influence of the 5G footprint will have around the globe. It showed that  7 in ten decision-makers thought that 5G would help aid their company’s recoveries from the impact triggered by Covid-19. Almost 80% of decision-makers agreed that 5G would be be able unlock brand-new possibilities for their business. In addition,  just under 50% of respondents have already been actively preparing to give 5G-capable mobile phone to staff members within the next half year.

It is no wonder than that Verizon is actively pushing its fixed wireless connectivity. Business client who subscribe will be afforded unlimited ultra high speed internet. They will have choices of various plans up to speed of 400 Mbps to be able to deal with the different needs they require.

Verizon are keen to expand further their 5G Business Internet services and use affordable pricing, flexibility and also ability of the business’s complete suite of products and services to extra organizations throughout the country.

Have AT&T stolen a march on Verizon?

The Verizon news came on the back of a Report by RootMetrics that showed that it was AT&T that was winning the race for 5G connectivity speeds. The report, which tested across 45 cites showed that they had truth where AT&T has remarkable 5G download speeds as well as reliability.  AT&T not only led the competitors in fastest 5G median rate but likewise also clocked the fastest best and worst case 5G download rates.

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