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Ubitus to Partner Vodafone Italia in a New 5G Gaming Service

Hot on the heals of Portugal’s NOS’s announcement yesterday Vodafone Italia have announced the launch of GameNow a new 5G gaming platform showing it too was going to place gaming at the heart of its 5G strategy.

Vodafone Italia has today formally launched it’s new cloud-based gaming solution which it has branded GameNow. It is designed to utilize the increased performance that it’s every increasing 5G network can offer. At the start GameNow will be able to offer around 90 on-demand games. These game cover multiple genres, such as combat, racing, sports among others with brand new gaming and gaming content added regularly..

Why Ubitus

This is being done with the aid of teir new partnership with Ubitus which is an industry-leading cloud video gaming company. Thanks to GameNow , Vodafone Italy mobile clients can currently conveniently indulge in this wide range of top quality games.

The New GameNow Platform

After signing up, Vodafone’s GameNow customers will be able to access these games across their preferred platforms and devices. This includes iPhone, Android phones and computers, anywhere on Vodafone mobile network. Gamers can pick the platform that is most convenient according to the surrounding, be it a mobile phone when on the move or a PC when at work or home as long as it connects through the Vodafone mobile network. In addition, gamers do not need to update their gadgets to take advantage of these cutting edge titles that are on deal. The membership cost is EUR9.99 each month, after a free-one month trial . Understanding the relevance of localization, Ubitus works carefully with Vodafone to choose game titles that can reverberate with local players, consisting of video games in Italian as well as games by Italian programmers.

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