New Vodafone Collaboration with Google Cloud

Today Vodafone announced a new collaboration with Google Cloud to enhance their data analytics and insights capabilities.

This new collaboration is built their existing partnership, and this new agreement will allow Vodafone and Google Cloud to jointly build out a cutting edge integrated data platform which will have the capability of processing and sending globally high volumes of data from their various different data systems into the cloud.

A new platform that has been called ‘Nucleus’, will host this new system which has been titled ‘Dynamo’. Its task will be to push data across the Vodafone system so that it can improve offers to customers of new, personalised products and services in multiple markets. Dynamo will also enable Vodafone to fit specific requirements for new connectivity services for either businesses or homes through the enablement of ‘smart network features’, one example would be providing helping cater for sudden broadband speed boost.

About 1,000 employees in Britain, Spain and the United States will be to asked by both companies to develop “Nucleus”, this new cloud-based storage system and also analytics portal which will be designed to host Vodafone’s data.

According to Vodafone, Nucleus has the capacity to process around 50 terabytes of information a day within the cloud

Both companies will are looking to push the use of dependable as well as protected information analytics, understandings, and understandings to support the intro of new digital product or services for Vodafone clients at the same time worldwide

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