Google Cloud integrates Brand Protocol to Deliver Real-time Crypto Pricing

Kevin Lu of Brand Protocol announced that it has integrated its standard data-sets with Google Cloud to enable real-time Crypto pricing

This integration will allow as well as instantaneous and a reliable and accurate way to determine prices which is a requirement of every financial market in the world.

Band Protocol’s Lu emphasized that the new connection was now provided reliable as well as appropriate ways to discover for tracking crypto market prices.

The Google Cloud web site said that the Band Protocol is able to gather as well as joins together real-world information and application programs interfaces, APIs, to smart contracts which provides better insights into “financial time series data”.

Band’s Standard Dataset is now working on Google BigQuery, a business information calculation engine powering ultra-fast SQL questions. Lu defined the partnership as “among the direct cooperations with the Google Cloud group to make it possible for typical, hybrid blockchain and also cloud applications to be built which make use of decentralized oracles.

Lu in his medium article with regards the future possibilities of Brand went on to say:

“With Band Protocol oracles fully integrated into Google BigQuery, this is the first of many use-cases we are exploring with partners to bridge traditional enterprises and blockchain applications. Our focus is to continuously and rapidly expand the support of data available on BandChain — pushing the use-cases far beyond just Web 3 alongside many enterprises.”

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